Rollsigns from Santa Monica, CA
This mylar side destination sign is
off GMC T6H-5307A #5111. It was
retrieved from one of several buses
shipped to Ontario for second-hand
use. Its print date is August 10,
1982, and it has 33 exposures.
Its sign tag is shown below.
The image of this sign has been
enlarged to show detail.
PART 6989731
P.O. J-98279-CQ
9/21/82 TRANSIGN
Retired Santa Monica, California 1982 built GMC T6H-5307A #5111, the
bus this side rollsign came from, is seen parked at the old Mississauga
Truck and Bus yard at 820 Britannia Road West in Mississauga, Ontario
(Canada) in 1998. The original house from the MTB property still exists
at the location today, and is occupied by a dental office. The surrounding
area has been significantly redeveloped into an assortment of strip
malls and offices. This bus went on to have a second life, being
refurbished and running for
Barrie Transit in Barrie, Ontario as bus
#65382 in 1999. It was permanently retired from
Barrie Transit in 2004.
(Photo by Richard Oldfield. Used with permission.)