Rollsigns from Barrie, ON
Barrie Transit, as a municipal service, began in September of 1972. It has had several
contracted operators through it's history, the most noteable one being the highway
coach carrier "Penetang-Midland Coach Lines" (PMCL). In August of 2013, Barrie
Transit was contracted to provide extended service from Barrie to Angus and CFB
Borden. The contracted service was taken over by FirstCanada Transit Services Inc.,
then followed by MVT Canadian Bus Inc. on July 1, 2015, and continues to this date.
This mylar side
route sign is off
retired (and now
scrapped) 1980
built Orion OBI
01.504 #80627.
The sign is dated
April 11, 1983, and
has 25 exposures.
Its sign tag is
shown below.
The last three
were a later
addition to
the sign.
This mylar side
route sign was
kindly donated to
me by Barrie
Transit. It appears
it was designed
originally for an
Orion bus. The
sign's print date is
January 11, 1990.
It has 19
Its sign tag is
shown below.
This mylar front route sign was
rescued (with permission) from
one of Barrie Transit's trash
bins! It is understandable as
there is a long section missing
from the right side of it, torn
from the wear of rolling
(represented by the gray area
on the image). It is off 1981
GMC T6H-5307N #81637. This
sign has no print date, however
this style appeared to have
debuted in 1997. It has 20

An interesting note about these
signs: The company who
manufactured them used mylar
that was rather translucent. The
florescent tube light that
illuminated it was highly visible
through the "white" letters!
The last  
was a later
addition to
the sign,
using a vinyl
The last two
were a later
addition to
the sign.
Barrie Transit #80627 is shown stored at the Penetang-Midland
Coach Lines Vinden Street yard in Midland, Ontario
on August 16,
1998. This bus was the host vehicle for the side sign, above-left.
Barrie Transit #81637 is shown on a layover on the Ardagh route at
the downtown Barrie, Ontario terminal on August 9, 1999. The sign
shown above the windshield is similar to the front sign shown above.
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