Rollsigns from Commerce, CA
This mylar side destination sign was
designed for one of the City of Commerce
Flxible Metro buses. Its print date is
November 10, 1995, and has 24
exposures. Its sign tag is shown below.
11-10-95  TRANSIGN
Founded in 1969, City of Commerce Municipal Bus Lines provides local free transit
service within the Los Angeles suburb of Commerce, and compliments the services
provided by
Los Angeles County MTA in and around the area. Locally, five regular
service routes operate from the terminal at the Commerce Shopping Center.
In addition several other shuttle, tripper, special and express routes provide
additional services at various times throughout each week.
City of Commerce Flxible #329, the type of bus that would have displayed
this sign, is seen at the Commerce Shopping Center transfer terminal,
date unknown, but sometime previous to the mid 1990s.
(Photo by Jerry Squier, from the collection of Phillip Cegielski,
with information assistance from Tai Boyd. Used with permission.)