Rollsigns from The Netherlands
Above: The photo of the rollsign as it originally appeared on eBay.

Below: The scale drawings of the sign, relative to other signs on the site,
and an enlargement drawing of the sign's information tag.
This single exposure Dutch language rollsign was purchased off eBay. "Buiten Dienst" means "Out Of Service",
but the phrase was spelled wrong, putting an "F" where there should be an "S".

Even though the sign is in Dutch, it was made in Great Britain by LRT Bus Engineering Ltd. likely for a demonstration bus.
Rollsigns for Netherland systems were typically made by W.C.P. Filmdruk Leersum. Its print date is October 28, 1987.

Further information on this rollsign is as follows:
(A special thank you to Kien Wai Wong, of Rotterdam for help with the research)
"...It shows it was made by LRT Bus Engineering Ltd.  This
company was formed by London Transport in April 1985 to run the
giant bus overhaul works at Aldenham on the North-West edge of
London, as well as the Chiswick engineering works in West
London.  The blind is in standard Johnston font, especially
designed for use on London’s transport in 1928.

It is difficult to know the size of the blind from the photograph,
but I think it may have been made for a London bus to visit the
Netherlands.  Here (London, England) we would use ‘Private’ o
‘Private Hire’, but perhaps Buiten Dienst would be more
appropriate as that is what Dutch buses would use.

At the time that the blind was made Leaside was one of eight,
later six, divisions for London Bus operations.  These went on to
be privatised.  One of the resulting companies has recently been
bought by Abellio and their buses carry the N S logo."