Destination Signs from Israel

Haifa, Israel
Haifa, Israel's bus #80382, a Scania N-series chassis under a locally
built body by "Ha'argaz LTD", is seen nearly new, only in service for
a few days, on Line 37 that crosses Hifa city from one side to the
other on March 21, 2015. This is an example of the buses in service
these days.
(Photo by Matan Zilberstein, used with permission.)
In early days, buses used
window cards like these to let
people know where the bus
was going to. It was only in
recent history that
conventional destination
signs were used.

This route number card has
#63 on one side and #64 on
the other. These routes were
cancelled recently, and were
replaced by another bus
operator that runs a BRT
(Bus Rapid Transit) system.
Information on this
double sided card:
Both of these routes originally
went from Haifa`s suburb of
Kiryat-ata toward Haifa's CBS,
also known as Bat-galim CBS. As
far as I can tell, the signs that
says "To Vulcan Road" (right)
and "To Haifa-Bay" (left) were
some short variants for the route,
only for the industrial area in
Haifa's bay (Vulcan junction).

(Information assistance from
Matan Zilberstein.)