Rollsigns from Cleveland, OH
This former Brooklyn Garage front route number linen
appears to be from a Flxible model bus, according to the notes
written on the sign (see below). Originally noted to be from
October 1969, the sign was updated to January 1974, then
to July 1976, and finally to May 1979. It has 46 exposures.
This front route number linen was
originally dated to October, 1969, but
has been modified since then. It has
66 exposures. Notes written on each
end of the sign can be seen below.
This set of mylar side signs was recovered from retired GMC slope back RTS #4249 after it was discovered in a scrap yard in central Ohio.
Both signs are from the Brooklyn Garage. The route number sign (left) is dated August 18, 1979 and has 48 exposures which include the
colored blanks on the blue and green areas. The route name and destination sign (right) is dated August 19, 1979 and has 111 exposures.
It's suspected that these rollsigns were the only side rollsigns to occupy this bus, as the rollsign frame installed in the bus had a manu-
facture date of August 7, 1979. Most of each sign's info tags were worn off. What was distinguishable is shown by each sign. The route
number sign is the same scale as the majority of others on the site. The destination sign has been enlarged 1.5 times to show detail.
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8/18/79 TRANSIGN
Greater Cleveland RTA slope back GMC RTS #4249, the
bus that housed the sign set above, is seen retired at a
scrap yard in central Ohio on March 19, 2015.
8/19/79 TRANSIGN