Rollsigns from Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
This front destination mylar is from "Las Vegas Transit
System", Las Vegas, Nevada. It has no printed date, but is
suspected to be from the late 1980's. It has 18 exposures.
A 1974 GMC fishbowl working the busy Route 6 "Strip"
loading in Downtown for the Strip run. These fishbowls were
the main workhorses of the Strip bus fleet up until the end of
LVTS operations. This route was the "cash cow" that
supported the whole system. Photo is circa late 1980s (1988?)
The sign is complete, it's just missing its end blank area.

A brief history:
Las Vegas Transit System took over a previous company, Las
Vegas Transit Lines, in 1965. LVTS was in business between
1965 to approximately 1993-94. The Citizens Area Transit
officially started service in late 1992, and for a time, there
was technically 2 public transit systems in Las Vegas until
LVTS faded away. After CAT took over, LVTS only competed
with CAT on the busy and lucrative Route 6 "Strip" route.

Historical note and photograph courtesy of the LVTS page on
"Wikipedia" For this and a more in-depth history of the
system,go to: