Rollsigns from Iowa City, IA
This mylar rollsign set was removed from their
1974 built GMC T8H-5307A "New Look" #614
(delivered as #14, serial number 1834).

The front rollsign (left) is dated September 18, 1991. The
side sign has no print date or sign tag, but has the same
listings as the front sign. Each rollsign has 25 exposures.

The sign tag from the front sign is shown below.
9/18/91 TRANSIGN
Iowa City Transit's 1974 built GMC T8H-5307A #614 (delivered as
#14, serial number 1834), the bus these two rollsigns came from, is
seen on the property of Danny Thompson, near Scottsdale, AZ in 2016
(Photo courtesy of Danny Thompson and
Abigail Thundra Wilson. Used with permission.)