Rollsigns from Ames, IA
This *mint condition* mylar jumbo front rollsign
was designed for one of their 2002 built BIA
05.501 Orion V buses like the one seen below.

This rollsign was manufactured by Transign.
There is no sign tag with a print date on the
sign. The original section of mylar at the end
of the sign would have displayed it.  The sign
itself has what appears to be a scrap section
of blank white mylar swapped in at the end.

The sign has 73 exposures.
CyRide of Ames, Iowa 2002 built BIA 05.501 Orion V #974, the
type of bus this rollsign was designed for, is seen posed
outside the CyRide garage sometime around 2010.

Photo from CyRide's online fleet information section, archived in 2018: