Rollsigns from Commuter Bus Systems
(A predecessor to the PACE Network - Chicago / Lombard, IL)
The McCreary family began Commuter Bus Systems operations in the 1970s out of the former
Leyden/West Suburban garage at Western Ave. at St. Charles Rd. in Lombard, Illinois. The
building was previously the home of West Suburban Transit Lines up until 1973. CBS took over
the bankrupt Bluebird Bus Lines in 1965. The owner of Bluebird Bus Lines was the father of the
owner of Commuter Bus Systems. The CBS fleet consisted mainly of all white Blue Bird school
bus like vehicles with a few exceptions such as GMC TDH 3714 #401. The company primarily
provided train connection services in the Chicago suburbs. Commuter Bus Systems ceased
operations in the mid 1980s, and the routes they served became part of the PACE network.
This Commuter Bus Systems linen rollsign is
a complete roll. The red exposures were
painted on the end blank areas after its original
It was made by Trans Lite, Inc. of Milford
Connecticut. The print date was on the sign,
but has become illegible. It has 21 exposures.
Commuter Bus Systems GMC TDH-3417 old look, #401.
Photo by P Hunnell - From the A J Reinschmidt collection.
(Used with permission.)