Rollsigns from Florida
This set of Jacksonville, Florida, mylar route signs are off a Flxible "Fishbowl", model #45096-6-1, serial #57554 (seen below). It was brought to Ontario, painted
all white and converted to a camper. The signs were retrieved from it after it was sent to a scrap yard. Both signs have 93 exposures. The front sign (left) is
dated April 26, 1984. The side sign (right) is dated April 19, 1984. Both have been drawn virtually perfect to scale. Their respective sign tags are shown below.
Former private owned, 1973 built, Flxible "New Look" (ex Jacksonville
Transportation Authority #1017) is seen waiting to be scrapped at
Future Enterprises in Hamilton, Ontario, in May of 2000.
Jacksonville, Florida
The governing body that includes the Jacksonville Transportation Authority was originally created in 1955, and at that time
was called the Jacksonville Expressway Authority. Originally the Authority's responsibility just covered highway, and bridge
operations and maintenance, and tolls in Duval County. In 1971, after pressure to expand to include public transit service,
the Authority amended its statute to allow for the acquisition of Jacksonville Coach Company and other private services.
In 1988, from requests by the City of Jacksonville, the JTA removed their toll booths in exchange for a gas/transportation
surtax, which helped fund transportation expansion and streamlining of services including transit, and maintenance of
facilities. This model has allowed the JTA to continue operations to this date and plan for projects in the future.
BID F-0514-84
P.O. 647534
4/26/84 TRANSIGN
P.O. BID F-0514-84
4/19/84 TRANSIGN