Rollsigns from San Diego, CA
This curb side mylar route number rollsign was
designed for one of San Diego's GM New Look
buses. Its print date is October 10, 1975. Each
color represents different types of service. Blue
exposures are the urban routes, orange
exposures are the express routes, and green
exposures are local/shuttle routes. The sign has
83 exposures total including the blanks in between
each colored section. Its sign tag is shown below.

(With information assistance from Jim
Knight, Richard Youhill, Scott Richards,
Christopher Stauffer and Dave Mason.)
TRANSIGN 10/10/75
San Diego Transit GMC New Look #639, the type of bus this sign
was designed for, is seen westbound in 1st Street near F Avenue
in Coronado, California during a 2010 fan trip.
(Photo by Jim Knight. Used with permission.)