Rollsigns from Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
This mylar rollsign set is marked as being from a GM bus, but it came off of an AM General bus. The
route number sign (left) is dated December 11, 1979, and is unique in that the font used is the same
one commonly used on road signs. It has 122 exposures which include the blanks at either end. The
destination sign (right) is dated December 4, 1979 and has 123 exposures which also includes the
blank exposures at either end. The images of these signs have been enlarged to 1 1/2 times that of
the standard size on the site for detail. Their respective sign tags are shown below.

Both rollsigns were graciously donated to the historic collection by Dale Knutson.
59 PCS.GM 62263
12/11/79 TRANSIGN
Phoenix Transit System's 1975 built AM
General #4770, the type of bus that would
have housed this rollsign set, is seen
southbound on 1st Street crossing East
Washington Street in February of 1980.

(Photo from the Bob Redden archives,
courtesy of the website Rapid Transit Press,
Used with permission.)
59 PCS. P.O. 62263-GM TYPE
12/4/79 TRANSIGN
The icons on the rollsign:

Top: Tico, the system's logo.

Bottom:  Roadrunner