Rollsigns from Windsor, ON
Transit in Windsor began with omnibus operations between 1850 and 1874. The Sandwich and Windsor Passenger Railway
Company began streetcar service on July 20, 1874, and continued until March 30, 1880 when the company foreclosed. It
continued operating though, until June 25, 1887, when the company was re-incorporated at the Sandwich, Windsor and
Amherstburg Railway Company. Originally, the SW&A was operated by Detroit United. Under their ownership, interurban
lines began operation on August 31, 1901. On April 1, 1920 control was taken over by the Hydro Electric Power
Commission of Ontario. Starting in November of 1929 and running until December of 1930, bus service connecting Windsor
and Detroit ran as a joint effort of the Power Commission and the Detroit Department of Street Railways. On September 22,
1934 the Power Commission changed its name to the Hydro Electric Railways - Essex District. The City of Windsor
obtained full control of the SW&A system in 1970, under the operations of the Lincoln-Trent Management Ltd. up until
November of 1973. They continued its operation until November 1, 1977, when the Sandwich, Windsor and Amherstburg
Railway Company finally closed, and Transit Windsor, the system that operates today, inaugurated service in the city.
This mylar front rollsign has a print date
of August 18, 1987. It has 38 exposures,
some of which have been altered by
covering parts of them over with

vinyl (see the notes below).

Its sign tag, and a YouTube video of the
sign being rolled through, are seen below.
NO.10550844 FRONT
8/18/87 TRANSIGN
Some exposures have certain
sections covered over with a
black vinyl strip.
The exposures shown below
are the original readings that
were printed on the sign.
Transit Windsor 1978 built GMC T6H-5307N #904, showing a rollsign
similar to this one, is seen on a layover at the old downtown bus
terminal off Chatham St. W. near Ouellette Ave. on June 4, 2002.
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