Rollsigns from Toronto, ON
Danforth Garage
This set of front and side linen rollsigns are off 1976 GMC T6H-5307N New Look #8095. The front sign (left) has 60 exposures and through
research, found its version date to be around February 18, 1990. Its version number on the sign is "D-37" but that may not be correct. The
side sign (right) has 62 exposures, and research has found this version to be dated around May 23, 1988. Its version number on the sign is
"D-37", although once again, this may not be correct. Exposures that are red, yellow and black are the original design. From 1985 on, the TTC
used only black for regular service routes to save money. The blue exposures represent overnight service routes on their "Blue Night" network.

A YouTube video of the side sign can be seen below.
Up until 2002, the TTC's Danforth Garage was the second oldest bus garage in the city. When
streetcars operated along Bloor Street and Danforth Road, streetcars also operated out of here.
Before it was merged with Eglinton Garage, and the new Eglinton Garage opened, Danforth Garage
operated routes primarily in the south central area of Toronto, including the eastern area of downtown.
This linen side rollsign was donated to Rollsign Gallery by
John McDonnell. The sign is marked version D-37. The
readings on the exposures are virtually identical to the side
sign to the left, with the exception of this one not having the
321 York Mills exposures. This sign is all black and white as
well, and has 60 exposures.
These linen front rollsign sections
are from a different sign. The
"three-colour" style precedes
those on the front sign (left), as
all black exposures replaced the
three-colour exposures.
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