Rollsigns from Sudbury, ON
Public transit in the area of Sudbury began in 1912 with the incorporation of the Sudbury - Copper Cliffs Suburban Electric Railway Company.
Service began with streetcars on November 11, 1915. Suburban bus lines in the area was later introduced, with bus service provided by
DeLongchamp Cartage Company to areas that included Capreol, Coniston, Garson and Errington Mine, and jitney service to Creighton Mine
near Walden in the 1920s. The jitney service was later sold in 1927. Sudbury - Copper Cliffs's service continued until the Fall of 1951. During this
time, buses were introduced in 1947 and streetcars were discontinued in 1950. A short lived service provided by City Bus Lines ran from around
October 1947 to 1950. In the Fall of 1951, the company was reorganized and renamed the Sudbury Bus Lines. As a private operation, SBL
operated transit service until March 31, 1966. On April 1, 1966, The newly amalgamated corporation known as Laurentian Transit (Sudbury) Ltd.
provided service in Sudbury, along with the suburban services previously provided by Nickel Belt Coach Lines, Local Lines Ltd., and Frood Bus
Lines. After obtaining its franchise on January 1, 1967, Laurentian continued to provide service to the area until January 1, 1972, when the City of
Sudbury's Community Services Department took over operations and Sudbury Transit was created. They continued to provide service to the city
while a few remaining operators provided services to the suburban areas. Belanger Bus Lines provided service from Sudbury to Onaping Falls
and Rayside-Balfour. Owned by Richard Belanger, he passed away in 1987, and the service was sold to Druve Sookram. Sookram Bus Lines
continued the service until December 31, 2000. Rayside-Balfour Transit provided service between Sudbury and Rayside-Balfour from 1995 to
December 31, 2000. Nickel Centre Transit also provided Service between Sudbury and Nickel Centre until December 31, 2000. On January 1,
2001, under the direction of the provincial government, the City of Sudbury and the surrounding communities amalgamated into the City of
Greater Sudbury. Transit operations of Sudbury Transit and the other suburban systems were also amalgamated to form the Greater Sudbury
Transit, with expanded service to include the communities of Lively, Capreol, Hanmer, and Val Caron. On August 26, 2019, the system in this
bilingual area of Ontario went through a major overhaul, and was rebranded as "GOVA", a mash-up of the word "GO" in English and "VA" in French.
This collection of mylar jumbo front rollsign panels makes a complete rollsign. The first panel is missing from the
collection so the image of it was simulated based off of a photograph of the actual panel. All 10 in the collection are
in mint condition. The set is dated July 17, 1998 and if complete, has 38 exposures. Its sign tag is shown below.
SUDBURY PO# 110671
JULY 17, 1998


Panel #1
Panel #2
Panel #3
Panel #4
Panel #5
Panel #6
Panel #7
Panel #8
Panel #9
Panel #10
Panel #11