Public transportation in Stratford began with Stratford Coach Lines Ltd. in March of 1930. Their operations
were relatively short lived, as on November 6, 1933, the Cities Bus Service Company Ltd. took over operations.
This company continued to provide service until 1950, when the system once again changed hands. Stratford
Coach Lines Ltd., a private operator that was a subsidiary of Bluebird Coach Lines Ltd., also only provided
service for a short time
. In 1952, the current Stratford Transit took over the service. Operated by the City of
Stratford Public Utilities Commission (PUC), the city continues to provide service to this date.
This side mylar is off 1977 built GMC T6H-4523N #7730. It is dated November 4, 1977,
likely making it the only side sign to occupy this bus. It has 20 exposures.
Its sign tag, and a YouTube video of the sign being rolled through, are shown below.
Rollsigns from Stratford, ON
This side mylar was originally from 1980 built GMC T6H-4523N #8037,
but was retrieved from Woodstock Transit 1977 built GMC T6H-4523N

#17, which was formerly Stratford Transit #7731. The sign is dated
July 19, 1980. It has 10 exposures. Its sign tag is shown, below.
NO.6960840 SIDE
11/4/77 TRANSIGN
Stratford Transit 1977 built GMC T6H-4523N #7730, the bus this
rollsign is from, is seen exiting Market Place (the name of the street
the downtown transfer point is on), to northbound Wellington St.,
September 19, 1998. This bus was retired in 2009.
Stratford Transit 1980 built GMC T6H-4523N #8037, the bus this
rollsign was first in, is seen at the City Hall terminal on Market Place
(the street the downtown transfer point is on) on September 19, 1998.
These two pictures show Woodstock Transit 1977 built GMC T6H-4523N #17, formerly Stratford
Transit #7731 and the bus this rollsign was off of, at Woodstock Transit's municipal yard,
September 16, 2009. The bus had just been retired after a recent collision (seen in the photo
above). Before removal, this Stratford Transit rollsign is still seen in the bus, in the lower photo.
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