Rollsigns from St. Thomas, ON
Transit service began with the incorporation of the St. Thomas Street Railway Company on March 7,
1878. The city of St. Thomas obtained the service in November of 1902, renaming it the St. Thomas
Municipal Railway. The service was discontinued on February 12, 1926. Shortly after, Richards Coach
Lines began operating non-contracted privately run service in the city. By the end of 1932, however,
this and other private, non-contracted services had all fallen out of business. Transit service
didn't reappear until April of 1950, when Bluebird Coach Lines began their operations in the city.
Later, in 1953, St. Thomas Coach Lines took over service. Charterways Transportation Ltd. acquired
the company in 1960, and continued city transit operations until 1983, when Lewis Bus Lines took over
the contract. Charterways was reissued the contract in 1994 and continues to provide service today.
This mylar front route rollsign is off 1963 GMC TDH-4519 #6300.
(Statistical note: At the time of its retirement, this bus was the oldest bus
to be operating in regular service in Canada.) The sign was manufactured
by Multilite, and its print date is March, 1990. It has 9 exposures.

Instead of route numbers, St. Thomas Transit used these coloured symbols.

The image of this sign has been drawn virtually perfect to scale.
Its sign tag is shown below:

90056 (FRONT)
MARCH 1990
St. Thomas Transit GMC TDH-4519 #6300 as it was found,
at Baker Auto Wreckers in London, Ontario, in March of 2001.