Rollsigns from Richmond Hill, ON
This set of mylar rollsigns are off of 1978 built 30 foot OBI 01.501 Orion I
#504 (pictured below). They are both dated October 13, 1989, and each
has 13 exposures. Their respective sign tags are shown below. Both
signs have been drawn virtually perfect to scale, however, the side sign
(right) has been enlarged twice the scale size, to show the text detail.
Transit in the Richmond Hill area began in 1896 with interurban electric railway service provided along Yonge
Street by the Toronto and York Radial Railway Company. In 1948, the interurban cars were replaced by the
North Yonge bus route operated by the
Toronto Transportation Commission as a contracted service to the
area. Trailways of Canada Ltd. began local service in the town in 1960. During their operation, company
ownership changed from Trailways to Travelways, and finally Laidlaw Transit. Laidlaw operated bus service until
January 1, 2001, when Richmond Hill Transit, as well as
Markham Transit, Vaughan Transit, and Newmarket
Transit, which included the previously run Aurora Transit, merged to become what is now York Region Transit.
Richmond Hill Transit 1978 built 30 foot Orion I #504,
featuring the front sign (above) and side sign (not visible),
is seen
in service at Hillcrest Mall on September 26, 1995.
This mylar rollsign is off of one of Richmond Hill's 1989 built NewFlyer
D40 buses. The original sign is dated October 13, 1999, the same as
the other front sign shown here. All the exposures after "Special" are a
later addition to the sign. With some routes expanded or changed and
the pending amalgamation with other York Region services, Richmond
Hill Transit added these "generic" exposures in the interim. The actual
date they were introduced is not known, however their appearance was
first noted in the Summer of 1997. Its sign tag is shown below.
P.O. 15182
D2400-MA FRONT 009298
10-13-89 TRANSIGN
P.O. 15182
D2400-MA FRONT 009298
10-13-89 TRANSIGN
WFD-1923-MA NO.009300
10/13/89 TRANSIGN
Richmond Hill Transit 1989 built NewFlyer D40-89 #522,
featuring a front rollsign with the same updates as the one
above, is seen westbound on Bernard Avenue at Yonge
Street outside the Yonge/Bernard terminal on March 11, 1999.