Rollsigns from Pembroke, ON
Pembroke Transit began operating service on November 1, 1977. Operated by the town of Pembroke,
it ran three routes, operating four 30 foot Orion I's of varying years. In 1998, forced by the revoking of
provincial funding for public transit, Pembroke Transit was discontinued and their buses were sold off.
Following the closure, Upper Valley Transit was contracted to provide service. Later, Thom Transit of
Pembroke, Ontario was contracted to operate limited transit service within the Town of Pembroke. The
service didn't last
long. On March 28, 2014, all service was discontinued once again, this time permanently.
This set of mylar rollsigns are off of 1981 built OBI 01.501 Orion I #03-81
(pictured to the right). They are both dated November 11, 1991, and they
both have 13 exposures. Their respective sign tags are shown below.
Pembroke Transit 1981 built 30 foot Orion I #03-81, in service
showing off both signs featured on this page, is seen westbound
on Pembroke Street East at McKay Street on July 5, 1995.
11/11/91 TRANSIGN
11/11/91 TRANSIGN
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