Rollsigns from Owen Sound, ON
Transit in Owen Sound dates back to the creation of Owen Sound Bus Lines Ltd. in
December of 1953. It's operation was short lived, operating only until 1961.
The current Owen Sound Transit operated several types of vehicles. 35 foot GMC
New Looks, 30 foot Orion I's, (7 buses total, all of which are retired and either sold or
scrapped), and 40-foot New Flyer low floors, all of which were sold to Oakville,
Ontario. They currently operate Blue Bird Transit buses.
This mylar front route rollsign is off 1981 GMC T6H-5307N #811.
It has no print date or sign tag. It has 20 exposures.
This was one of only seven signs of this style to exist. Of the
remaining six, three were destroyed; one still occupied Orion I #801
when I visited the system last, in 1996; one was still in Orion I #781
which, again in 1996, was for sale privately just east of Owen
Sound, and the seventh one is a second copy I own, which I'm
considering donating to the Owen Sound Historical Board.
Owen Sound Transit GMC #811 (the vehicle that housed this rollsign)
as it was found, along with sister GMC Coach #772 (not pictured) at
Metro Collision in St. Catharines, Ontario, February 23, 1998.
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