Rollsigns from Orillia, ON
The Orillia Transportation Company Ltd. first operated transit service in Orillia, until
1975, when the city took over administrative operations and Penetang-Midland Coach
Lines (PMCL) of Penetanguishine, Ontario was contracted to operate and maintain the
buses. Near the end of the 2000 decade, the contract to operate Orillia Transit was
transferred to First Transit, which continues to this date.
This mylar front route rollsign is off ex Kitchener Transit 1973 GMC
T6H-5307N #725 (formerly numbered 7311), which was repainted as a
campaign bus for the Liberal Party and operated by PMCL The "Ottawa"
exposure was printed on computer paper, and taped on the original
Orillia rollsign, seen here.
The sign itself was formerly in Orillia Transit's 1975 GMC T6H-4523N
#7502. It has a print date of November 1, 1988, and it has 16 exposures.
Handwritten on the bottom of the sign was this note:
Ex Kitchener Transit GMC #725, seen in Liberal Party colours,
parked at the PMCL's Vinden Street yard in Midland, Ontario,  
September 27, 1994. The "Ottawa" exposure was printed on
computer paper, and taped on the original Orillia rollsign.
Both these rollsigns were removed from retired Orillia Transit OBI 05.501 Orion V #9209.

The mylar side sign (left) is dated July 28, 1992, making it likely the one and only side rollsign to occupy the bus during
its life. It has 12 exposures. The mylar jumbo front rollsign (right) is dated November 2003 and has 13 exposures. The
reading "SATURDAY SERVICE" was added to the exposure listings.

Their respective sign tags are shown below.
Side sign:
PO 503389
7/28/92 TRANSIGN
Front sign:
DOC: 14144


Orillia Transit 1992 built OBI 05.501 Orion V #9209 is seen at the
downtown transfer point, northbound Peter St. at Mississaga St. E.,
August 6, 1999. Even though the front rollsign in the bus at this time
isn't the same as the one featured, its side sign would be the same.
Orillia Transit Orion V #9209 after it was retired and sent to a scrap
yard southwest of Orillia, seen on August 17, 2010. Featuring
Orillia's slightly updated colour scheme, this bus is also still
displaying the jumbo front rollsign shown above.
Retired Orillia Transit 1997 built Champion SoLo #9711, the host bus
for the rollsign seen above, is shown at a scrap yard southwest of
Orillia, Ontario, August 17, 2010. One of only two in the fleet, these
Champion buses were plagued with problems throughout their life.
This Orillia Transit front rollsign is from Orillia Transit 1997 built
Champion SoLo #9711, one of only two in their fleet (#9710 was
the other). The mylar has 14 exposures. Although "SATURDAY
SERVICE" had yet to be added, it does have "DRIVER TRAINING"
and "CHARTER" on it.
Because Orillia Transits routes have not changed significantly in
almost 20 years, their rollsign listings haven't changed much either.