Rollsigns from Orangeville, ON
Transit in Orangeville is brief: Operated by Charterways Transportation Ltd., Orangeville
Transit System began operation on December 2, 1991, and continues to this date.
This mylar front route rollsign is off Ford Econoline
Low Floor (E.L.F.) #915. It has no printed date. It
has 9 exposures (plus 1/2).

The "CFB Shilo" exposure at the beginning was
cut off.  It's odd in that this sign was printed for
Orangeville, Ontario. However, Canadian Forces
Base (CFB) Shilo is in Manitoba!
Retired Orangeville Transit Ford E450 #915, the vehicle from which this sign
came from, is posed in the back of the Dan Family Community Centre, on
Clark Ave. W., west of Bathurst St. in Vaughan, Ontario, June 17, 2000.