Rollsigns from Niagara Falls, ON
Public transportation in Niagara Falls dates back to December 6, 1886, operated by the Niagara Falls, Wesley Park
and Clifton Tramway Company. The Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Railway Company acquired interest in the
company around the turn of the century, and took over operations in 1901. As an interurban and city transit operator,
the NS&T was acquired by the Canadian Northern Railway (later becoming the Canadian National Railways on
December 20, 1918). The service was designated the Canadian National Electric Railways: NS&T Railway District after
1922, and all NS&T bus services operated under the name Canadian National Transportation Ltd. Local city bus
service began on October 15, 1960 with the Greater Niagara Transit Commission. Eventually, the City of Niagara Falls
transportation department took over operation, and Niagara Transit came to be. Niagara Transit operated city routes
along with shuttle routes like the Falls Shuttle, and connections to the neighbouring cities of St. Catharines and
Welland when the area university was in session. In 2008, the system was rebranded to Niagara Falls Transit and
continues to operate to this date. In addition to local services, Niagara Falls Transit also contributes to the
intermunicipal Niagara Region Transit service, and WEGO Visitor Transportation Service, a joint operation between
Niagara Falls Transit (which includes former Niagara Transit "Falls Shuttle" routes) and the Niagara Parks Commission,
who previously operated the unique "people mover" buses in and around the falls area from 1986 to August of 2012.
This mylar front route rollsign is believed to be from their 1988 built MCI
TC40-102N "Classic" bus #8835. The original sign from the beginning
to the "11 Square" exposure has no print date. Several updates were
added to the rollsign. The following section that has route 14 and 1
was printed on thicker translucent mylar (somewhat see through). The
next section added the route 12 exposures. The final addition added
the route 14 exposures at the end, and that section has a print date of
June 21, 2000. That addition's sign tag is shown below.
Niagara Transit 1988 built MCI TC40-102N "Classic" #8835, the
bus this sign is believed to be from, is seen eastbound on O'Neil
Street at St. Patrick Avenue on a charter, on April 24, 2010.
(Photo by Brian Walker. Used with permission.)
JUNE 21, 2000


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