Rollsigns from Midland, ON
Public transportation in this central Ontario former logging community and shipping port began in 1892
with stage coach service between Midland and neighbouring Penetanguishine operated by Joseph Robert
Dubeau. Mr. Dubeau ran the service until 1917, when his son Albert inherited the business. Services
continued with stage coaches along with added summer jitney service until May of 1926 when buses were
introduced, and ran under the name Penetang Midland Bus Service. In 1938 Albert's widow, Irene,
inherited the business. Operations of local and intercity service, school bus service and charter service
continued under Mrs. Dubeau's management until the mid 1940s, and became the foundation of
Penetang Midland Coach Lines. In 1947, Laval Dubeau was contracted to provide local transit service.
In 1998, PMCL was bought by Greyhound Canada, however Midland Transit Service continues to
provide basic service to the Town of Midland to this date under local operations.
This set of mylar rollsigns came from Midland Transit's former 30 foot
OBI 01.501 Orion I #66. Both signs are dated June 9, 1982 and have
three exposures each. Their respective sign tags are shown below.

These two signs are not part of Rollsign Gallery's collection.
The use of these rollsigns to be drawn for Rollsign Gallery
was graciously offered by their owner, John Braniff.
Front Sign:
TRANSIGN  6/9/82
Side Sign:
TRANSIGN  6/9/82
(Above) Midland Transit OBI 01.501 Orion I 30 foot #65,
seen in the new colours, is heading southbound on
First St. at Yonge St. in May of 2000.

(Below) Midland Transit OBI 01.501 Orion 1 30 foot #66,
the host vehicle for both signs shown here, is seen in
the old colours is at the Huronia Mall on August 5, 1999.

These two buses held down transit service
in Midland for about 20 years.