This linen front rollsign is off
Kitchener and Waterloo Street
's Ottawa Car Company
Birney #62 (Pictured below in
1943) It is dated October 27,
1922. The sign was used in the
car until its retirement in
January of 1947 when it was
scrapped. It has six exposures.
This mylar front route sign is off 1967 GMC TDH-3501 (Serial #840) "Old Look" #675. It has
56 exposures and its sign tag is shown below. Its print date is February 23, 1973. This sign
was originally printed for the pending discontinuation of electric trolley buses on March 26,
1973, but had been updated since that original print date. Route 7 on this sign was the
former trolley coach route. A photo of the bus this sign was off of is featured at left, middle.
This mylar front route sign is the original print from the late 1970s or early
1980s. As time went on, inserts were printed and added or substituted in
as routes were created or changed. This original sign has 49 exposures.
This rollsign was donated to Rollsign Gallery by John McDonnell.
Kitchener Transit GMC TDH-3501 #675 is seen at Aba Auto, a small
scrap yard on Morton Line at Highway 7A, southwest of Peterborough,
Ontario, June 29, 1999. The first red (and orange) coloured sign to the
right was removed from this bus. This bus has since been scrapped,
and the scrap yard has been sold and changed into a metal recycler.
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6951778 2/23/73
This mylar front route sign is off 1974 built Flyer D800A #740. It has
no print date. It has 60 exposures. This sign features some of the
earlier update inserts that began to show on Kitchener Transit
rollsigns. Still, about half the rollsign is original like the previous one
This rollsign was donated to Rollsign Gallery by John McDonnell.
Originally, Kitchener, Ontario was known as Berlin, Ontario. The town changed its name in 1919.
Transit began with the Berlin and Waterloo Street Railway Company on June 13, 1889. The service was
acquired by the Town of Berlin on May 1, 1907. Between 1907 and 1909, the company was run by the Light
Commissioner, then run by town council, and eventually, by the public utilities commission. With the town's name
change, the company changed its name to the Kitchener and Waterloo Street Railway. In 1927, services were
transferred to the Kitchener Public Utilities Commission. During its operation, it saw the end to streetcar service,
and the introduction of trolley bus service. On March 26, 1973, when operations were taken over by the Kitchener
Department of Transportation Services, and the modern Kitchener Transit formed, trolley bus service ended.
Kitchener Transit continued to operate until January 1, 2000, when in June of 1999, Waterloo Regional Council
voted to merge Kitchener Transit with
Cambridge Transit, to create Grand River Transit, who operates service today.
This Kitchener Transit linen diesel bus
rollsign is from the era when trolley
coaches operated in Kitchener and
Waterloo. The sign has no print date,
but precedes all the mylar red print
signs in the collection. The rollsign has
20 exposures, with the last four painted
on at a later date from the original sign.

This rollsign was donated to
Rollsign Gallery by John McDonnell.
Rollsigns from Kitchener, ON
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This mylar front route sign is off 1968 GMC TDH-3502 #683. It has 54
exposures. It has no print date, but through research, have found it to have
been printed sometime between 1980 & 1983. This sign shows some of
the earliest inserted updates these would get over the years. As exposures
were added and removed, the
se signs became quite a collage of changes.