Rollsigns from Brockville, ON
Recorded conventional transit in Brockville is sketchy. It began with Brockville City Bus Lines
in the 1970's. The current Brockville Transit, operated by the city, began sometime after, likely
1982 or before, as that is when their first conventional buses were purchased. Over time, their
fleet has consisted of Orion I buses, Ford Girardins, and International body buses.
This mylar front rollsign is from their only 1991 built OBI 01.502 Orion bus, #50491.
Its print date is May 5, 1991. It has five exposures. Its sign tag is shown below.

Brockville's route system is simple, being represented by colours rather than
streets or areas.

When Brockville Transit purchased their Ford Girardin buses in 1999 to replace
their aging 1982 Orion I's, they used the front rollsigns from the Orions in the
Girardins. However, because the sign boxes were a lot narrower, they trimmed
down the width of the front signs to fit. The route colour message would show
correctly, but the "Out of Service" message appeared only as "T OF SERVI".
This front rollsign was the only one to survive this "modification" because Orion I
#50491 was kept as a spare to the Ford Girardin buses, and when finally retired
and sold itself, was disposed of with its sign in tact.
Brockville Transit OBI 01.502 Orion I #50491, the host vehicle of this
rollsign, is seen when it was still in service, westbound on Central
Ave. at Park St. on the Blue Route
on December 17, 1997. This bus
has since been retired, and is now privately owned.