Rollsigns from Aurora, ON
This long, but rather empty
side mylar rollsign was
rescued from Aurora Transit
Orion OBI 01.501 #781 after
Pickering Transit obtained
the bus for parts. The sign's
one and only exposure
appears to have been
masked and painted by
hand, not professionally
manufactured. It has no
print date.
This mylar front route sign is
from Aurora Transit Orion OBI
01.502 #891. It has five
exposures. It's print date is
June 30, 1989.
Given that bus #891 was built
in July of 1989, it is likely this
was the one and only Aurora
Transit front sign to occupy
this bus.
Its sign tag reads
as follows

D-3170 MA
6/30/89 TRANSIGN
Aurora Transit #781 is seen here at the Laidlaw Garage in
Newmarket, Ontario on September 26, 1995. This vehicle
housed the side sign, above.
Aurora Transit #891 is shown in service at the Aurora Leisure Complex,
the system's terminal and transfer point on August 19, 1997. The sign
seen above the windshield is the same sign shown above.
Aurora Transit operated as an independent transit system for the Town of Aurora up until August
30, 1999, when it was absorbed into its neighbouring system to the north,
Newmarket Transit.
Subsequently, on January 1, 2001, the combined
Newmarket Transit, Markham Transit,
Richmond Hill Transit, and Vaughan Transit, combined to become York Region Transit.