Rollsigns from New Brunswick
Transit service in Fredericton began in 1935 with a service called Capital Transit, operated by the
Vaughan family who also ran a car repair and sales business. At some point, the transit service
they operated ended and Fredericton Transit Ltd. began. This new operator, a subsidiary of
S.M.T. (Eastern) Limited, carried on transit service until July 9, 1974. With its first year of
operations being carried out by A.J. McDonald Limited of Cornwall, Ontario, the current
Fredericton Transit (System) took over on July 9, 1974, and continues service to this date.
This front destination sign is dated March,
1992 and has 35 exposures. The first and
last exposures are vinyl stickers, and are
not part of the original printed sign.
Its sign tag is shown below.
Fredericton, New Brunswick
<== A vinyl sticker covers the route number
<== A vinyl sticker covers the route number
MARCH, 1992