Rollsigns from St. Albert, AB
D5605-MA SIDE 063989
5-26-99 TRANSIGN
This mylar side rollsign was
designed for one of St. Albert's
NewFlyer D40LF transit buses.

The sign is dated May 26, 1999
and has 33 exposures.

Its sign tag is seen here:
Transit in the area of St. Albert began with the Edmonton Interurban Railway Company September 30, 1913, operating
gas powered rail cars. The service was very short lived. On April 1, 1914, a car barn fire destroyed the entire fleet,
permanently suspending service. Some of the track was first leased, then sold to the Edmonton Radial Railway. The
rest of the line was removed between 1916 and 1917. Soon after the fire, a new bus service run by Twin City Transfer
Company began operations between St. Albert and Edmonton. The service only lasted three years, ending in 1917.
Service didn't resume until 1927, when Northland Arrow lines began operations between St. Albert and Edmonton. In
1959, Northland Arrow acquired Sunburst Motor Coaches. It was common to see buses from either carrier to be on
the route from St. Albert. In 1966, the service was taken over by Coachways Ltd. of Alberta. Shortly after in July of
1967, the service was sold to Western Bus Lines Ltd. In January of 1973, service was transferred to Grey Goose Bus
Lines Ltd. of Alberta. On April 1, 1974, St. Albert Transit began operations managed by the municipality. Contracted
service was provided by Edmonton Transit from 1974 to 1986 with Briggs Brothers Bus Lines contracted to operate
local peak hour routes in September of 1976. Grey Goose Bus lines was contracted again to operate service from
1986. In 2004, Diversified Transportation took over the contract to for operations and continues to this date.
St. Albert Transit 1993 built NewFlyer D40LF #846 (retired in late 2007),
the type of bus this side sign was designed for, is seen at the
Village/Transfer Center just off of Grange Drive, on Jule 11, 2007.
(Photo by Luke Olszewski from the website
operated by Peter McLaughlin. Used with permission.)