Rollsigns from Medicine Hat, AB
D5602-MA SINGLE SIDE 01162113C
This mylar side rollsign was
retrieved from their 1993
built OBI 02.502 Orion II
#769. It is dated July 1,
1993, likely making this side
sign the only one to occupy
this bus. It has 13 printed

The sign's manufacture tag
reads as follows:
Early public transit service in Medicine Hat began with Blair's Bus Lines, locally owned by L. R. Blair. Called
"City Bus Lines", the company ceased operations in 1952. Medicine Hat Transit took over providing service in
the city, by the same person who was the last general manager of the Moose Jaw Electric Railway Company,
and later, the owner of the Moose Jaw Transportation Company (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan). Shortly after, on
November 2, 1953, the system became the Medicine Hat Transportation Company. It provided service until
June of 1970, when the Medicine Hat Transit (System) came to be, and still provides service to this date.
Medicine Hat Transit Orion II #769, still displaying the side sign
shown here, is seen retired at a scrap yard on March 13, 2015.
(Photo by Ken Baker. Used with permission.)