Rollsigns from Lake Louise, AB
P.O. SP-15559
NPN 2550
TRANSIGN 7/15/85
According to the sign tag,
this front destination mylar
was designed for an MCI
vehicle. It is dated July 15,
1985 and has eight

Its manufacture tag reads
as follows:
Public service in the area of Lake Louise began in 1912 with a single track, narrow gauge passenger tram
system named Lake Louise Tramway. It operated annually from May to September, until 1930. The service
used open car and closed car, gasoline powered trams, and ran from the Canadian Pacific Railway's
Laggan Station (Laggan was renamed to Lake Louise in 1914), to the Chateau Lake Louise hotel.
Both the tram system and the hotel were owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Service today is run by buses, and in this rural area of Alberta, is more geared towards the tourism industry.