Rollsigns from Welland, ON
Public transportation in the Welland area began with the Niagara, Welland and Lake Erie Railway Company
in January of 1912. This service ran until it was discontinued sometime around the end of June or the
beginning of July in 1930. A short lived replacement bus service was operated by F.I. Wherry after that time.
Welland transit as it exists today began on November 19, 1973 with a contracted service operated by the
privately owned Metro Niagara Transit, but funded by the city. Recent Welland Transit contracted services
have included service in Port Colborne, introduced on March 31, 2008, and trial service to Pelham on
September 2, 2008. This trial service to Pelham was later discontinued on August 31, 2009. Welland
Transit continues to provide service to this date, which additionally included shared service on Niagara
Transit's Route 12, commencing on September 12, 2011.
This mylar side route sign is likely off one of their
GMC New Look buses, although unconfirmed. It
has no print date. The sign has 21 expsoures. The
last three exposures were painted on the sign later.
Welland Transit GMC T6H-4523N #128, showing a side sign similar to the one
here, is seen at the downtown terminal, at East Main Street and Dorothy Street,
in December of 2000. All the GMC buses in Welland have since been retired.