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What's new with the March 7, 2014 update:
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What's new with the August 14, 2014 update:
- ONE NEW rollsign has been added to the Brampton, Ontario page.
- ONE NEW entry has been added to the Intercity and Private Carriers section: LosOrtega (A regional Mexican music band from
Goshen Indiana) with one new rollsign and a photo of the bus it came from.
- ONE NEW Canadian province is now represented: NEW BRUNSWICK with ONE NEW rollsign from Fredericton, NB.
- ONE NEW rollsign has been added to the State of California: Modesto, CA. - In addition, the systems represented from the State of
California have been split into separate pages, accessible from a California hub page.
- TWO NEW rollsigns have been added to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania page, along with one photo and an embedded YouTube video.
The pages that have these new embedded videos are:
- Belleville, Ontario
- Burlington, Ontario
- Kingston, Ontario (Page 1)
- Newmarket, Ontario
- Owen Sound, Ontario
- Toronto, Ontario (Danforth Garage)
- Toronto, Ontario (Davenport Garage)
- Toronto, Ontario (Eglinton Garage)
- Toronto, Ontario (Lansdowne Garage)
- Toronto, Ontario (Subway System)
- Pembroke, Ontario
- Stratford, Ontario
- Windsor, Ontario
- Woodstock, Ontario
- Jackson, Mississippi
- Kansas City, Missouri
- Lima, Ohio
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Greyhound Bus Lines
Pages that have embedded YouTube rollsign videos are identified with this flag image above the page's link button:
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What's new with the January 1, 2015 update:
- The last two rollsigns in the Kingston, Ontario section (Page 2) have been upgraded to scale drawings. Now all thirteen are scale image
- TWO NEW scale rollsigns have been added to the Kitchener, Ontario page. Both signs donated to Rollsign Gallery by John McDonnell.
- A NEW U.S. STATE is represented: Alabama, with THREE NEW rollsigns added, all from Montgomery, Alabama.
- A NEW U.S. STATE is represented: Louisiana, with ONE NEW rollsign and bus photo from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.
- TWO NEW ROLLSIGNS have been added to the New York City, NY page: One from the subway system and a RARE manufacturer's
demonstration rollsign sample
from Westchester Bee Line.
- ONE NEW CITY is represented: Racine, Wisconsin with ONE NEW rollsign image and one bus photo.
- Along with the new Racine, Wisconsin rollsign page addition, a new hub page has been created for the State of Wisconsin.
- ONE NEW rollsign has been added to the Intercity/Private Carriers section: Indiana University with ONE NEW rollsign image and a
bus photo.
- BEHIND THE SCENES: A project is in progress to convert all of Rollsign Gallery's web pages to be in line with new editing software.
During this conversion, there should be no interruptions, unaccessible pages or broken links. If any should appear, please email me so
the error(s) can be corrected.
- The last rollsign on the Cambridge, Ontario has been upgraded to a scale image. Now all six are scale image drawings.
- ONE NEW PAGE has been added to the Province of Ontario section: Durham Region Transit with two scale rollsign images and a
photo. In addition, the Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa, Ontario pages now have cross links to and from this new page.
- A NEW U.S. STATE is represented: Connecticut, with TWO NEW rollsigns added, one from New Haven and one from Waterbury.
- ONE NEW rollsign has been added to the State of Illinois section, Rockford, IL. With this change, a new hub page was created for the
state. Each city or service represented can be accessed from there.
- A NEW U.S. STATE is represented: Minnesota, with ONE NEW rollsign added from Eden Prairie, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis).
- The December 22, 1986 side rollsign from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Kinnickinnic Garage page has been upgraded to a scale image.
- ONE NEW rollsign has been added to the country of England page: A route number blind from London Transport - Hackney Depot.
In addition, a guide showing the identification letters and their corresponding placements on a Routemaster bus has also been added.
- FIVE NEW electronic sign lists have been added: Atlanta, Georgia (May 2014) - Indianapolis, Indiana (June 4, 2009 and October 29,
2010) - New York City, NY - Farfax County, Virginia (Fairfax Connector, March 13, 2008).
Gallery page, from Twin Vision and Axion.
- The Electronic Sign page in the TRANSIT STORE has been updated to include NEW inventory from Luminator, Twin Vision and Axion.
- Links to off site locations like Facebook & Twitter have been modified so that they open in a new tab window instead of the same one.